original designs in color pencil

Meet the Artist: Cristina Chabot

Hello I am Cristina, I am Portuguese and created melady twelve years ago when my granddaughter was born. I always liked to give a twist on my gifts, because giving your own touch makes it special. So I started by drawing postcards to send to my granddaughter.

MeLady is the name I give to the girl's face I use as inspiration for my drawings.

MeLady will often embody different themes and moods. My drawings start with a simple thought or a mood, something that I see on my daily life. I use graphite and color pencils to create the artwork.

I Love color pencils — always did. I remember one Christmas during my childhood, I asked Santa for a color pencil palette with one hundred different colors. Well, Santa brought me fifty colors and I was very happy.

I hope you enjoy melady drawings adapted for cosmetic bags, placemats, tote bags, mouse pads and other uses.